Thursday, October 27, 2011


Hey Guys,
How is it going? Things here in Hereford, Texas are awesome. First things first ITS SNOWING HERE!!!!! so great! I'm wearing a jacket and gloves. All I need is some ear muffs and a scarf now Ha ha.
We have had the coolest week here in Hereford! I mean Sunday we had 7 of our investigators come to church and they loved it. When I first got here they had no baptismal dates and we set two last weekend. It was great! We are seeing this area pick up so good!
The best experience happened on Tuesday and I'm gonna tell this story with lots of detail so you can understand how amazing our experience was! So we had just got done with district meeting in Canyon Texas and it went later than we thought. When we got back we tried a few people. We tried a guy who is almost always home and he wasn't. For his backup we had planned to knock around his house but we had something different planned for that hour and since everything was pushed back cause of district meeting we got in the car and we were headed to that other area but we stopped the car and felt the need to knock around this guys house. I pulled over and we got out of the car. We started knocking and no one was answering. We went the weirdest way on, we went down this random street and we weren't really going from door to door. We were just knocking on random doors. Then we were on this porch and I look across the street kitty corner from where we were and I saw this yellow house and it was way bright! I told Elder Cassell that we had to knock on that door so we did. As we walked up to the house Elder Cassell was telling me about how bad he wants to knock on a door and have the person who answers just get done praying for missionaries or something... and what happened to us was awesome. We knock on the yellow house and this kid answers the door and he's religious and we talk to him and he was cool and told us to come back anytime but that he's was busy at that time. So we walk down his walkway (and by the way, sorry if you thought that was the miracle) and there's this bum guy, we talked to him for a while and he was saying some crazy stuff and actually said he had a 9mm in his bag then he pulled out a Bible. He was joking but I was pretty freaked out. So we talked to him and he didn't go anywhere (once again, sorry if you thought he was gonna be the miracle). So we knock on the house next to the yellow house and this lady answers the door and she's on her phone and this little dog comes out and she told the dog no. I bend down to pick up that dog and this HUGE great dane comes out. It weights 170 pounds and it freaked both Elder Cassell and myself out. We were trippin. the lady on the phone says to the person on the other line "God just answered my prayer and there's Mormon Missionaries here. I gotta go". So she comes outside and just started bawling her eyes out and telling us about what she's going through. She's an alcoholic and needs help and has been praying and calling churches and no one has answered her calls. It was crazy. We had just talked about this and then it happened. It was a miracle! We talked to her for about 20 minutes then we told her we'd be back and she went in the house and got a beer and cracked it open and we were like if you want God to help you then you need to give that up. She hands me the can and I dumped it out right in front of her. That showed so much faith. So we asked her if she has anymore beer and she goes and gets like 5 more and gave them to us. She didn't want to but she did anyways. She showed so much faith. It reminded me of when the anti-nephi-lehis burried their weapons in the earth cause they were showing God they were repentant. That''s what this lady did. She was so grateful for us coming. We poured out all the beer in the alley and threw the cans in the dumpster. We went back later with a member(who was perfect for her) and the sister helped her so much. She told us she was grateful we poured out the beer cause she went to the dumpster looking for it. We taught this lady again last night and she hadn't drank at all since we had left. She said she was so happy yesterday. She has a true desire to be better and God is helping her.
We all have our weapons we need to bury into the earth to show God our willingness to follow Him and it is my prayer that we will show our faith like this lady and give those things up. There are things I know I can do better with in my missionary work and I am going to strive to be better just like Kim did! It was one of the neatest experiences I've ever had in my life! Thanks for all your prayers guys! You're the best ever! Keep on keepin on! I love you all!

Love Elder Weston Reay

Pictures are of me in the snow outside our apartment and me with the huge 170 pound dog... Enjoy!!!!

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