Friday, October 7, 2011

Where there's bacon there's Elder Reay!

Hey Peoples,
What's going on? How was conference for everyone that got the wonderful chance to watch it? It was amazing for me! We spent most of the sessions at members home watching conference. We got to eat all sorts of food like cinnamon rolls and bacon. I was just in heaven. Where there's bacon there's Elder Reay! I loved the priesthood session as well! I loved that they talked all about missionary work. I think if I would have listened more to counsel like that when I was younger, I would have been so much more prepared for my mission. I liked how it was said that you only really need three things. This is something that can motivate anyone who thinks they aren't ready. First have a testimony of the Book of Mormon. Thinking back when I started my mission this is one think I had! I knew and still know that the book is true! It brought the spirit in my life after I had graduated high school that I was lacking! God was preparing me and I didn't even know it! The second thing is be worthy which is so important because you need the spirit because without it you cannot teach! And the last thing is be ready to work. If you have those things than you are ready. I thought I needed to know so much more coming out here but because I now look back and see I had all of those things, I was ready. I've learned a million other things since I've been here but that is what it is all about. You start out with your faith being small and it grows and grows which is what mine has done. I thought a lot about my little brother Dylan during that conference. I know he will serve a mission and is on that path. I am excited to see it.
Things in our area are great. Transfers were this week and Elder Pennington and I will be serving together for at least 6 more weeks. We are excited! It took us a while to get used to the area but we are now used to it and the work is moving forward. It is truly picking up. We had a great lesson this last Monday with a members friend and I think the reason we had so much success is because we went in there with a goal in mind. My Grandpa Jackson has always taught me how important setting goals are and I always thought to myself whatever grandpa it will all be ok. I was a little too zen. (Sorry grandpa. You were right. Of course.) But the mission has taught me how important goals are! At first setting daily goals and weekly goals but lately its been lesson goals. We wanted this guy in this lesson to understand about Christ's Church and the authority. Because we had that goal in our heads and because we sought after the spirit of the Lord in our companion study that morning we were able to teach to his needs but also teach clearly to acheive our goal for that lesson. We were able to get him to understand it and he even told us what we taught really answered a lot of the questions he's had his whole life. We planned for him, prepared for the lesson and dedicated that time for him and because we did that not only did God bless us with a good lesson but He blessed Matt which is what it is all about! It's all about them! We were able to set a baptismal date with him for October 29th.
God is great! He is preparing people here in the TLM for us to teach and baptize. If we do things the way they are meant to be done they will be converted and that's what we are doing here! I love you guys for reading this and praying for me and my wonderful family! Christ is the reason, baptism is the way, and joy is the reward! Keep on keepin on my friends.

Love Elder Weston Reay

pics: two of my companions went home (Vega and Potter)

Elder Draper and myself in our sweet Texas tech masks! Wreck em Tech... oh and our mucho mango Arizona drinks

my first flat tire on my mission. stupid nail

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