Thursday, November 3, 2011

I didn't have feeling in my feet until this morning lol.

Hey guys,
How's it going? So this week's email might be shorter cause weve got a zone activity that we are running a little late for but I wanted to give you an update on that girl that I wrote about last week. So sunday she came to church and she loved it! She still hasn't drank any alcohol at all and she's just changed so much. Everything about her is different and she's so happy. That is just proof how inspired the word of wisdom is and how much the gospel blesses all of our lives no matter what our challenges or trials may be. She is going to be moving this weekend to Amarillo but she is still gonna be taught by missionaries and she's gonna go to church every weekend. We talked to her the other day and she told us we changed her life. She is so grateful to God for us and I know it was all God but I'm so glad that he allowed me to have this experience. It was so cool!
So this week I have spent most of it in Canyon Texas with an awesome missionary named Elder West. He and I came out together and he's a stud. We have met a lot of really cool people. Yesterday we were biking and it was the coldest day of my life. It was so windy and I was just freezing and wanted to die! We kept on trucking through the wind in our faces our hands freezing and our icicle feet. I didn't have feeling in my feet until this morning lol. But we were dilligent and got out there and worked and it was cool cause we ran into a cool girl that has been to church in the past and she was hesitant to accept a commitment to come to church so we left her with a pamphlet and she read it and now she's excited. She's way cool. We had a way cool lesson with her last night and we had a recently baptized kid from here at the appointment. He loved it. The lesson went awesome. We all bore strong testimony of the Savior Jesus Christ and how we know Him. It was so amazing! After the lesson the convert said that it was amazing. These lessons where we invite members to aren't just so our investigators have fellowship but the members that come get so much out of it as well. We all get something our of doing missionary work. I have such a strong testimony of missionary work and how much peace and joy it brings into our lives. I hope we can all go forward and pray and seek after missionary moments in our lives whether we are in Utah or China. There are moments and oppurtunities to serve everywhere. Thanks for all you do! Love you guys! Keep on keepin on.

Love Elder WWReay

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