Thursday, January 19, 2012

And because of our attitude, belief and courage will increase.

Hey Everyone,
What’s up wit it? That’s what all the cool black people here say so I figured I would say it. Things here in Plainview are great! This is such a good area in the mission. It’s tied for the best area. It’s a 7 way tie with my 6 other areas I’ve served in and who knows it might end up being an 8 way tie cause I might have another area after Plainview. I love all my areas.
Elder Moss and I are having a lot of fun and we are working hard. It seems like what God is trying to teach me in my own life is related a lot to President Monson's article in this months Ensign. He talked about ABC's of an abundant life. They are ATTITUDE, BELIEVING in yourself and COURAGE. Those are all things that I’ve heard a lot about lately, Especially attitude. It’s something that I’ve been trying to do better at. Attitude is so important in missionary work and in life. When I hear attitude it reminds me of ‘Remember the Titans’, when Julius said, "Attitude reflects leadership". We all are meant to shine and lead people back to Heavenly Father by helping them receive his gospel. We all have to have the attitude and belief in ourselves and have the courage to act. These three things that President Monson talks about go hand in hand. As I’ve noticed that I can always have a better attitude, it shows me that you always have to keep on bettering yourself.
Thinking of attitude it reminds me of something my Mom sent me at the beginning of my mission the day I tore my acl. She sent me this thing called the 90/10 principle. She didn’t know that I was injured and she was prompted by the Spirit to send it to me. It talks about how 10 percent is what happens in life and 90 percent is how we react. When something bad happens to us, it’s already happened. Now whether we choose to be mad about it or just let it go is on our shoulders. I know I need to do better at this and as I strive to do my best at this and as we all strive to do our best at this, we will be able to have a more abundant life.
And because of our attitude, belief and courage will increase.
Thanks for all you guys do for me and my family! Thanks for your prayers and support! May we all strive for a more abundant life so we can keep on keepin on!

Love Elder Weston Reay

Pictures: Gotta love Texas sunsets and goofy faces right?

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