Wednesday, February 22, 2012

God is going to help us out and He did!

Hey Peoples,
Hows it going? Sorry there will be no pictures this week but I didn't take any. This week's email will also be short but I hope that you guys enjoy it.
Things here are going really good. I would like to talk about goals and achieving them. Recently in our zone the zone leaders changed our standard of lessons with members present. We were able to reach the goal of the previous standard. Myself I knew that we would be able to reach the new goal if we just tried our hardest and were really dilligent and got on the phone and visited members. So last week we saw so many blessings! We set the goal to get members out with us and to teach with them and we exceeded the goal we had set. It was like things just fell into our laps. I saw as we set a higher expectation and really work at it then God is going to help us out and He did!
He's blessing us missionaries here and He is also blessing the people we are teaching. As we are all dilligent with church callings and with helping people as much as we can we will all be blessed for our efforts. Thank you all for all you do and for the support! I love you guys! Keep on keepin on!

Love Elder Weston Reay

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