Thursday, March 1, 2012

the Lord will give us a portion of His spirit

Hey Everyone,
How is it going? Things here are great! There are a few things I would like to talk about. This weeks email will be a lot about prayer and the power behind it:
So this last Saturday I went out with one of my favorite missionaries. His younger brother was wrestling in a tournament that day and he asked if we could pray for him that everything would go good. So he found out this week that his brother had messed up his knee during his match and blew it out. He kept on going and the doctor told him that he wasn't gonna be able to keep wrestling but he wanted to at least try so in the third round he got out there and before he stepped into the circle with his dislocated knee was and when he stepped in his knee went into place and he wrestled the match and beat the guy. There was a lot of people praying for him. His coach told him that there must have been a lot of people praying for him cause how his knee was healed like that is a miracle. Isn't prayer great? I sure think so.
The other experience I wanted to share was about a family that I love so much! They are my favorites! We have been working with them for a while now. We went over to their house on Saturday and talked to them a lot about baptism and how it's what God wants for them now and they were receptive to it But they weren't sure so we had a kneeling prayer right then and there. It was so amazing, the spirit that it invited! They felt the spirit really strong and it was amazing to see how important it is to make sure to have at least one spiritual experience a day. The father said the prayer and asked Heavenly Father to show him the way and he was so sincere about it. So the next day the father and wife came to church. It was branch conference and the Stake President got up there and told the congregation that 'if there is any people that aren't members that are thinking of joining the church, that they need to do it and they won't regret it.' So we went back last night and asked them how they felt and the father told us it was an answer to his prayer. He said he feels like God is showing him where he is supposed to be and how much hope it brought him. It is so amazing what a 5 minute prayer can do. No matter how hard of a time we are having if we will humble ourselves before the Lord and say a short prayer or read the scriptures, the Lord will give us a portion of His spirit and we can receive the strength and answers we need. It sure strengthened my testimony of prayer!
Thank you all for all you do! Keep on keepin on!

Love Elder Reay

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