Monday, April 9, 2012

no regrets that’s my motto

Hey Guys,
What’s happenin? How goes erryone? How was Easter for everyone? I hope you all got to reflect back on the life of the Savior and what He has done for us all. It was great to be a missionary for a third Easter now. I got to teach people during this very spiritual time of the year and people were very in tune just because the spirit, that bearing your testimony of the Savior, brings. It was great!
This week I want to tell you guys some stories about following your promptings! So on Wednesday we tried a few of the people we have been working with and they Weren’t home and I'll be honest with you guys I do not like knocking doors at all and it’s like last resort for me cause it’s not effective but I had a prompting that we needed to go to this one part of town that was just a few blocks from where we were. So we drove over there and parked the truck and we knocked. We knocked on two doors. The second door we knocked on was a lady from Nigeria that just opened up her door and let us right in. So far the story doesn’t sound that cool and I would agree with you but it is what happened next that really shows that following promptings is where success comes. After we left this lady from Nigeria’s house we went to visit a member and she told us about this girl she’s been working with from Nigeria and how she went and visited her an hour before we ran into this lady from Nigeria. It turns out it is the same person. It turns out that this lady from Nigeria is someone that one of our members has been working with. It shows and proves that God cares so much about everyone no matter who they are. He is showing His love to this lady. She needs the gospel as does everyone in the world and right now it is turning out to be her time. Way cool story and experience.
The other story on following promptings happened yesterday; so we have a family we are working with that needs a ride to church every week. There is two sisters in our branch that always help out but one was out of town this weekend and the other is in charge of choir and they had practice before church. We had tried a bunch of other people to get them a ride but in a branch you only have so many people that are active that will help out. I was stressed out cause it was looking like it wasn’t gonna work out. While I was showering earlier that morning there was this old couple that popped into my head but I thought to myself "I don’t think they will be good for this particular family. As I was sitting there stressing out I got the prompting again so I called them and they were willing to do it and it worked out. As it turned out the sister who picked them up is the teacher for the 8 year old girl we are working with. God knows these people and what they need. I learned two important things ALWAYS FOLLOW PROMPTINGS and YOU CAN RECEIVE REVELATION ANYWHERE (even in the shower).
May we all follow our promptings and do what He wants us to do, to bless the lives of His children. You won’t regret it... no regrets that’s my motto, that and everyone ‘wang chung’ tonight... name that movie... thanks for all you guys do. Keep on keepin on and know that I love you and am grateful for all you guys!

Love Elder Reay Bay Bay

pic 1- my sweet hulk easter egg.
pic 2- the zone last p-day playing humans vs zombies on tech campus. way fun!!!!! guns up.
pic 3- employees(with way awesome jackets)only

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