Thursday, May 31, 2012

Wear out your shoes!

Hey Guys, How’s it going? I hope all is well! Things here in the Texas Lubbock Mission are doing well! The work is moving forward. We are doing work! That’s what’s up! So this week what I’m going to talk about and I apologize if I have talked about it before but I’m talking about service and how it just makes everything flow smoothly. So as missionaries we have goals and really the reason we have goals, I believe is so we can push ourselves to do our best and to help others. Lately in Plainview almost every single morning we have been getting up and going over to member’s houses or investigators houses and doing service. We have done service from rotor tilling, planting cotton, mowing lawns, all the way up to helping someone set up for a yard sale. We've spent a great deal of time serving in a different way than we usually do. We have been helping members any way we can. It’s taken up a lot of time and usually I think missionaries would be worried cause they wouldn’t be able to get the good numbers for the week but it seems like because we are serving and helping Heavenly Father's children any way we can, He makes everything happen. It seems like we go do service then get ready to go out and things have just been falling into our laps. It has been a real testimony builder to me that if you quit worrying about the numbers and about how you look to others and just get out there and serve and care about the people then the Lord will build you and others up and all will work out. When we serve we line our will with His will and it sure is great! I took a picture of my vans that I’ve had for a while and before I left on my mission they were in pretty good condition and they got a rip or two in them over the last little while on my mission but over the last 2 weeks from all the service we have been doing they have just gotten wore out. So this week’s message is to wear out your shoes! Wear out your body in the service of the Lord. When you do this, you feel good, you feel the spirit and God helps you with things you need. As I’ve worn my shoes out and served my whole mission, the times that I know I’ve been the happiest is when I’ve just been focusing on the people and serving my hardest. For example when I was in Midland with Elder Nelson (who is a straight up stud) we worked our butts off and just served any way we could. We had so much fun and so much success. We baptized and we loved the people. I know I learned that serving is the ‘bees knees’! I still believe that and hope that we will all go forward and serve! I love you all and thank you for your support. Keep on keepin on! Love Elder Weston Reay! pic 1- vans+service=happiness pic 2-the Carbines and myself pic 3- vans again.

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