Wednesday, June 6, 2012

My feelings right now are bittersweet !

Hey Guys, How is everyone doing? I hope all is well! I will be heading home in a weeks time from now. My feelings right now are bittersweet. It almost doesn’t seem real. I am very excited to see my family and to see all of you! It will be great! I want to thank everyone for all the support youv’e shown for me and my family. It has truly been a blessing to be able to be here and serve here. I love it and will cherish this time I’ve had to serve the Lord, for eternity! This week I want to share an experience that is great. It shows that age doesn’t matter the spirit will work through anyone that is doing what is right. So we were at a lesson talking to a lady who we are trying to baptize. We were talking to her and finding out her concerns about being baptized on the 9th of June. She wants her mom to be there but her mom lives out of the state and it’s just gonna be hard for her to make it and she was concerned about that. Her grandson who is 10 years old who we baptized in December bore his testimony to her and told her that its good that she wants her mom to be there but she can’t keep putting it off. He told her that he wanted his mom to be there for his baptism but she wasn’t there but it didn’t matter cause it’s what God wants her to do and it is for her and no one else. At that point she was crying and the spirit was so strong in the lesson. She came to church and really enjoyed it and was given an assignment to read a book for Relief Society so they can have their brunch this Saturday and talk about the book and she has almost read the whole thing. We went over yesterday and she told us that she wants to get baptized this Saturday and she’s excited. It is so great how the Lord works. It’s happened to me numerous times and it amazes me every time it happens. I love these moments. It makes all the tough times worth it. I know that her grandson has had a huge impact and that is because he has a sincere love and that’s what we all need to have. When we care for people like we care for our own family members then we do what it takes to help them see the blessings. It was a humbling experience. One I will never forget. I will be finishing with a bang this weekend with our baptism. Once again thanks for all you guys do and especially for the prayers. They help so much! I love you all and hope you keep on keepin on! Love Elder Weston Reay pic1-my last district pic2-the Williams family(love them)

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